Over 300 thousand officials are involved in state control: interview with Mikhail Abyzov at the All-Russia civil forum-2017

Here is the interview with Mikhail Abyzov, Minister for Public Government Affairs taken at the All-Russia civil forum.

Mikhail Abyzov spoke about the main goals of the reform for control and supervision system, priorities in the field of introducing new technologies and the system of "smart control"; he also gave assessment of the results of implementing transparency concept in the state administration bodies, taking into account regional specifics. He also explained why the All-Russia civil forum is a popular platform for dialogue for the ministry and the government as a whole.

You can watch the video of the interview here. Choose subtitles of your native language and enjoy!


The results of implementing the transparency concept in the state administration bodies.

2.50 – About the project “Open region”

6.45 – Tasks and progress of the control and supervision reform

11.20 – Blockchain and open government

12.52 – Why the All-Russia civil forum is important for the government

Video is provided by media partner of the Forum – STP Media.

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