Opening of the All-Russia civil-2017. Discussion The future of Russia: federation, regions, cities. Video.

The V All-Russia civil forum took place on November 25, 2017. It was devoted to the topic: “The future of Russia: federation, regions, cities”. The Forum started with the discussion about the future of Russia. Among the participants were:

Alexey Kudrin, the Chairman of the Committee of Civil Initiatives, the Chairman of the Board of the Center for Strategic Research;

Alexander Galitsky, venture capital investor, the founder of the Almaz Capital Partners Foundation;

Larisa Zelkova, Senior Vice-President — HR, Social Policy and Public Relations, MMC Norilsk Nickel;

Andrey Sebrant, head of Marketing for Yandex Services;

Konstantin Bogomolov, theater director.

The discussion was moderated by Alexander Arkhangelskiy, literally critic, journalist, a member of the Committee of Civil Initiatives.

You can watch the video of the discussion here. Choose subtitles of your native language and enjoy!

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