Interview with Natalia Zubarevich at the All-Russia civil forum-2017

Here is the interview with Natalia Zubarevich, a professor at the Geographical Faculty of Moscow State University, director of regional programs of the Independent Institute of Social Policy, which she gave at the All-Russia civil forum-2017.

Natalia Zubarevich told about the main internal problems of the regions and the specifics of their relations with the federal center; about the peculiarities of budgetary policy, the redistribution of tax revenues and the most subsidized regions; about the level of regional inequality; about civil society, local self-government and sources for development of the country.

You can watch the video of the interview here. Choose subtitles of your native language and enjoy!


the main internal problems of regions

1.12 – about intergovernmental relations and inequality of regions

4.39 – how to find a balance between leveling and stimulating regions

8.51 – about normal and not normal inequality of regions

10.02 – about local government without financial basis and ability to make decisions

15.02 – about the basis of our future development

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