Expert interviews

    We are all so busy with our tasks and projects that we don’t always have time to think about the most important things. This threatens both our personal effectiveness and success of entire areas.

    In the framework of the All-Russia civil forum we started a series of video interviews about what is important to each of us - whether we deal with the problems of education, ecology, treatment, development of territories, creation of conditions for private initiative in the country, etc. 

    These are interviews with strong managers in their fields achieving their goals, managing huge projects, passionate about their work. The main focus here is on human being. The technologies they offer may also be useful for various regional participants (NPOs, third places, government, business).

    The interviews are published on the All-Russia civil forum website and also appear in our digest newsletter (about ten thousand active users) which comes out every two weeks.

    People who have already participated in our project:

    Grigory Kuksin, head of the Greenpeace Russia Fire Prevention Program

    Ekaterina Milova, head of business development,  Orby Foundation.

     Anton Krasovsky, the founder and director of the foundation  “AIDS.Center”

    Grigory Sergeev, head of Liza Alert search-and-rescue team,

    Concept:  video interview with script 

    Duration: up to 30 minutes

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