The All-Russia civil forum-2018

    September, 2018


    The All-Russia civil forum-2018 will be held on December 8, 2018 in the World Trade Center in Moscow. The following working groups traditionally continue their activities:

    ·       Animal welfare;

    ·       Information transparency and open data;

    ·       Local government and area development

    ·       Public control

    ·       Rights in the Internet

    ·       Consumer rights

    ·       Advocacy development;

    ·       Social investments

    ·       Ecology.

    As in 2017 there are 5 thematic units:

    ·       Local government and social partnership;

    ·       A state of law;

    ·       Environment for living and social rights;

    ·       Open society and government of a state;

    ·       Strengthening of human and social capital

    At the All-Russia civil forum webpage you can also find the program of the Forum, information about the organizers, speakers, partners and FAQ. It is planned to carry out more than 50 events with over 300 experts and 2000 participants. The program includes: expert discussions, public talks, workshops, case-presentations, expert consultations, etc.

    This year the Forum will be devoted to the theme of Happiness and the tools to increase its level with the help of the state, business, non-profit organizations and civil citizens’ contribution.

    You can also follow the All-Russia civil forum news and events in our social networks: FacebookVkontakte  and YouTube-channel .

    The All-Russia civil forum is organized with the support of the Committee of Civil Initiatives.