Statement of the All-Russia civil forum-2016

    November 19, 2016


    We, the participants of the IV All-Russia civil forum, who gathered in Moscow on November 19, 2016, appeal to the Russian civil society.

    We acknowledge that our country is in a deep systemic crisis which appears primarily in the economic recession, low efficiency of state institutions and decline in the quality of life. As citizens and representatives of civil society institutions, we are fully aware of our responsibility for what is happening.

    We ourselves are responsible for the wayour life is arranged, for the atmosphere in the society, problems of the most unprotected, elections, courts, police, local authorities, medical centers and schools work, and for the state of nature for our descendants. Every day this understanding is shared by more and more Russianswhichin such a manner become citizens in the full sense of the word. And citizens act unanimously.

    We united under the guidance of the All-Russiacivil forum not only to discuss the problems of the country. We worked together during the year and prepared a package of proposals which we now submit for the discussion. We will continue working on these proposals and on their implementation after the Forum.

    We united to help the sick, the orphans and the poor. And we will do it more actively and more efficiently under any circumstances.

    We united to make the elections fair because the quality of authorities work depends on this. Our proposals on reforming the electoral system can solve this problem.

    We united to reform the police, courts and prisons. We have been working on this task for many years and we know what needs to be done to ensure that our children live in a safe country where the law worksappropriately.

    We united to organize self-government and together solve the most vital issueshere, where we live. We accumulated a lot of knowledge about how it was done in different parts of the world, and are ready to propose a program for the development of local government.

    We united to know the truth and to resist those who try to hide it, limiting the freedom of information through censorship and control over the Internet. Our proposals on changing the legal system in this area are prepared by the best experts and representatives of IT-business.

    We united to improve our life with the help of innovative technology, given by a new economics of participation. We know how to use resources more efficiently asthey are still underestimated.

    We united to protect nature - forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, mineral resources, air - everything that makes life possible on Earth. We are committed and ready to participate in the important international investment projects that influence environment in Russia.

    We united to replace the old model of social state. The state itself is in the center of this model and it distributes natural rent on a new model with a human in the center. This means that the source of development for our country should be not natural resourcesbut human and social capital - abilities, talents, innovative ideas and technologies, as well as the institutions necessary for its development - schools, universities, public associations, elections, local government, mass media, court, police, civil rights and freedom.

    We unite, create organizations, hold seminars, schools and forums, talk and hear each other, coordinate efforts, argue and show solidarity, train and learn, offer solutions and achieve results. We act because we are responsible for the future of our country.

    We are sure that only the joint work of citizens can improve the situation in the country - regardless of whether they work in non-profit organizations, business or state institutions. We are convinced that if officials, businessmen, professionals of the non-profit sector and experts will become partners, it will sharply reduce the probability of political, economic and social mistakes, and create a solid institutional basis for development.

    We all belong to a civil society and we offer a dialogue.